Internacional (Marketwired, 05 de Agosto de 2013) Stacy Blackman Consulting, a leading b-school admissions consulting firm, today announced two new services to help prospective b-school applicants better prepare for the admissions process — with the Flight Test™ and a Video Coaching Platform for interviews."We are providing applicants with new services to help them excel when faced with changing business school requirements. In particular, we know that interviews are increasingly important in the selection process at top schools, and it can be impossible to excel without preparation and practice," said Stacy Blackman, President of Stacy Blackman Consulting. "With our new video platform we can help applicants prepare for live interviews and we can simulate any video essay requirements. As a result, our clients are well prepared, and appear calm and polished."

The Stacy Blackman Consulting video platform allows clients to rehearse as much as they wish, respond online to a random pool of hundreds of questions, personally view their recordings and select videos for review and feedback. As part of the video platform service, consultants provide feedback on dress, tone, volume and content, and the unlimited opportunity to practice and review builds confidence.

In addition, Stacy Blackman Consulting now offers a Flight Test™, which simulates a b-school admissions committee review process. Prior to actual submission, the application will be sent to a former admissions committee member within the SBC team, for a review of the file in full, simulating a true admissions committee review. Using a typical admissions evaluation form, the former admissions committee member will provide strategic feedback on important criteria. Layered on top of the collaborative, long term relationship a client has with their primary consultant, this is an additional, and very valuable, perspective that helps to ensure the clarity and impact of the application.

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Stacy Blackman Consulting ( has helped clients gain admission to every top business school in the world, many with merit based scholarships. With a world class team of consultants, the firm applies a personalized approach to each applicant, based on developing and implementing a winning marketing strategy to make the application process less stressful and more successful. For more information visit, or call 323-934-3936.


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