Internacional (Marketwired, 22 de Agosto de 2013) Narcotics, Explosives, and Gunshot Residue Detection System Receives High Marks From Independent LabToday RedXDefense, a leader in the field of narcotics, explosives and gunshot residue detection equipment, announced the release of the independent lab test report for the XCAT handheld detection system. The National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) evaluated the XCAT's performance to detect the presence of commonly encountered illicit drugs. The test included a wide range of substances including bath salts, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. "Samples in Trace Sensitivity and Conformity, Solid Sample Sensitivity, Environmental Challenge, and Real World Cases were 100% correct and reproducible."

The independent evaluation noted that the data from this evaluation demonstrated that the XCAT is a very effective tool for the presumptive identification of illicit drugs. 

Other key factors noted in the report include:

The device is uncomplicated and provides a rapid response. 
No color charts are required for interpretation. 
Exposure to 2 °C to 40 °C did not impact the performance of the XCAT cards.
Operator competency is quickly attained.
Safety concerns are negligible with the XCAT.
The XCAT can be used on bulk and trace samples.
The internal LiIon battery lasted a minimum of 8 hours with consistent and intermittent use.

The XCAT system is currently in use by law enforcement and private security organizations. The XCAT uses detection cards with specially formulated detection inks and software to identify characteristics unique to each individual or group of chemically-related substances and returns a simple red or green light signal to the user. 

See the XCAT at IACP Conference, Philadelphia Convention Center — 20-22 October 2013 — Booth #2950.

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