Internacional (Marketwired, 09 de Agosto de 2013) Following a thorough investigation by the Competition Bureau and a trial before the Quebec Superior Court in Sherbrooke, Les Pétroles Global Inc. has been found guilty today for its role in a gasoline price-fixing conspiracy. The Ontario company, accused in June 2008, was found guilty for conspiring to fix the price of retail gasoline in Victoriaville, Sherbrooke and Magog, Quebec, and is scheduled to be sentenced at a later date. The trial for Les Pétroles Global Inc. took place from May 6 to 16, 2013. Individual representatives from the company pleaded guilty in September and October 2008, and in March 2009.

"This is another guilty verdict in this investigation and it sends a clear message that price-fixing activities will not be tolerated in Canada," said John Pecman, Commissioner of Competition. "Price-fixing and other types of anti-competitive conduct cheat Canadians out of their hard-earned money."

Thirty-nine individuals and 15 companies have now been charged with criminal price-fixing in this case. To date, 31 individuals and seven companies have pleaded or were found guilty with fines totalling over $3 million. Of the 31 individuals who have pleaded or were found guilty, six have been sentenced to terms of imprisonment totalling 54 months.

Additional information on past convictions and fines related to this cartel can be found on the Bureau's website.

The Competition Bureau, as an independent law enforcement agency, ensures that Canadian businesses and consumers prosper in a competitive and innovative marketplace.


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