Internacional (Marketwired, 28 de Agosto de 2013) Premier Trading and Investing Academy Provides Consumers With National Debt Clock Infographic to Show Why the Time to Get a Trading Education Is NowOnline Trading Academy launched a new infographic with an animated debt clock showing the real-time national debt being accrued by the United States government. Every 60 seconds, the debt clock shows the national debt climbs by approximately $530,000. 

The infographic shows that if every person living in the United States were responsible for paying off the national debt, they would each owe $53,007.00. It also illustrates that the United States' debt has grown by 268.97 percent since 1993. 

Online Trading Academy also broke down the national debt by presidential term starting with President James Earl Carter through the nation's current President Barack Obama. From 1977 to the beginning of 1981, President Carter served 1,460 days in office and during his term the annual growth rate of the national debt was 9.32 percent. The presidential term of William Jefferson Clinton, who served 2,992 days from 1993 through the beginning of 2001, saw the lowest annual growth rate of the national debt with 3.99 percent. The United States' debt is in its highest annual growth rate today, with 15.21 percent. 

The infographic also demonstrates the differences in public debt for other countries such as Greece, China, and Japan. While the United States has the highest national debt, Japan doesn't trail too far behind with its 12.5 trillion dollar public debt. The infographic shows that China, while currently seen as an economic leader, is at a tipping point with their national debt. 

"The national debt clock infographic helps illustrate that it is time for U.S. citizens to get a trading and investing education," said Jeff Lawrence, Director of Online Marketing for Online Trading Academy. "While the national debt clock looks intimidating, we are constantly educating our students how to invest through our patent-pending supply and demand trading strategy."

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