Internacional (Marketwired, 20 de Agosto de 2013) Available From Cirus Controls, GPS DataSmart Provides Valuable Winter Road Maintenance Information in Easy-to-Use Maps and ReportsGPS DataSmart™ winter maintenance reporting system delivers automated performance reports and easy-to-interpret maps tailored specifically for winter road maintenance managers. Available from Cirus Controls, the GPS-based system analyzes data collected by sensors and controls on snowfighting vehicles and generates maps and reports to help fleet managers reduce winter road maintenance costs (such as reduced salt use and reduced labor costs) and improve road-clearing performance, operator safety and communication with the public. Unlike other AVL reporting systems, GPS DataSmart was developed to meet the specific information and reporting needs of winter road maintenance departments.

Web-enabled maps and reports generated by GPS DataSmart may be accessed from any computer and multiple formats allow users to choose how they want to view their data. Reporting and mapping data is collected from a variety of sources including vehicle sensors, spreader controls and GPS-based vehicle tracking.

"The introduction of GPS DataSmart and its unique reporting and mapping capabilities provides our customers with data that can be immediately used to make better winter road maintenance decisions," said Paul Mortell, president of Cirus Controls.

GPS DataSmart's companion tools include vehicle sensors for gathering and recording raw data, electronic spreader controls and wireless GPS vehicle positioning tracking. The data is transferred via Drive by Download DCE (Data Center Edition)™, a Wi-Fi data transfer system, that collects, compiles, stores and forwards (downloads) on-vehicle sensor and GPS location data to a computer. All of this data is then analyzed by GPS DataSmart to create the rich content of its maps and reports.

Vehicle sensors record data like vehicle ground speed, spreader operation, plow position and air and road surface temperature. GPS tracking collects data on vehicles recording their heading, speed and geographical location. Electronic spreader controls precisely meter and control the spreading rates of salt, sand and liquid materials used by winter maintenance vehicles. 

Spreading performance reports produced by GPS DataSmart provide detailed information on operating mode, spreader utilization, speed and distance, dispensing mode, materials dispensed and warnings. GPS DataSmart maps colorfully display plowing and spreading activities, sample data and all data snapshots, plow routes traveled and sites needing maintenance. Mapping formats include GIS, Google Earth and Microsoft Map Point. Available report formats are Excel, CSV, KML, GPX and Shape File.

In addition to being simple to install and use, GPS DataSmart also incorporates the industry's lowest cost data transmission method, Drive by Download DCE. "When comparing the 10-year life cost of data transmission methods, Drive by Download DCE is far less expensive than AVL systems — up to 85 percent less," said Mortell.

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Cirus Controls designs, engineers and manufactures central hydraulic systems, electronic spreader controls, advanced plow controls and innovative data management systems for road maintenance vehicles. The company's hydraulics, controls, telematics and related accessories for the snow removal industry offer solutions that make providing winter maintenance services easier and more cost-effective for municipalities and commercial operations. For more information, contact Cirus Controls at 763.493.9380 or

GPS DataSmart™ reporting system delivers automated performance reports and easy-to-interpret maps tailored specifically for winter road maintenance managers.

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