Internacional (Marketwired, 16 de Agosto de 2013)  With its enthusiasm for all things weird, the one thing Austin can't be called is a cookie-cutter city. In keeping with that off-the-wall tradition, MX3 Homes — with its distinctive design — is making a name for itself in Central Austin."You won't find suburban uniformity here," says Founder Sal Martinez. "We take great care to incorporate the character of the Central and East Austin neighborhoods when we build a new home." At the same time, the company incorporates modern touches like open floor plans, high-end materials and contemporary finishes. 

The company is increasing the number of modern homes on Austin's East side, and has now redone its graphic identity to match that craftsmanship. With a new logo and interactive website, MX3 is able to better connect with potential customers, investors and realtors. The company worked with Austin-based marketing and design firm Rock Candy Media (RCM) to update its branding. Using social channels for public relations purposes, RCM is extending MX3's brand recognition and introducing the homes to a wider audience.

The popular real estate adage "location, location, location" is one the company has taken to heart. It carefully chooses each project location so that the finished home takes advantage of the best Austin has to offer, like proximity to downtown, walkable neighborhoods and independent businesses. Residents in MX3 homes get to call urban farms, food trailers and locally owned bookshops their neighbors.

MX3 Homes, founded in 2009, builds and renovates investment properties in Central Texas, carefully selecting each lot to leverage the potential of its pre-existing natural beauty. It is now a full-fledged real estate investing and consulting company, as well as an established home builder in East Austin with more than 40+ projects projected to be completed this year and 60 scheduled for 2014. The company offers four key real estate services to enable its customers and investors to achieve the best return on their investments: Market Analysis for Property Location, Property Purchase Management, New Construction/Remodel Management and Property Sale Management.

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