Internacional (Marketwired, 28 de Agosto de 2013) Mile High Veterinary Hospital, your premier Aurora, CO animal hospital, offers excellent puppy socialization and dog obedience training courses at their brand new Aurora veterinary hospital. Dr. Waskow and his team are huge advocates of socialization, encouraging it for all pet owners. Proper socialization, combined with regular exercise through walks or playtime, can help prevent undesirable behaviors such as aggression, anxiety, and more. According to world-famous behaviorist and inventor of Gentle Leader, Robert K. Anderson DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, "We need to recognize that this special sensitive period for learning is the best opportunity we have to influence behavior for dogs and the most important and longest lasting part of a total wellness plan… The risk of a dog dying because of infection with distemper or parvo disease is far less than the much higher risk of a dog dying (euthanasia) because of a behavior problem."

Mile High Veterinary Hospital ( currently offers two different socialization and training programs: Puppy Parties and Dog Obedience Classes. Both meetings are held at their facility during evening hours, and they are run by the popular Aurora, CO certified dog trainer, Carie Grant.

Puppy Obedience Parties in Aurora

The puppy parties at Mile High Veterinary Hospital are held on Wednesday nights at 6pm. Puppy parties are an excellent opportunity for dogs, age 8 to 20 weeks, to come in and get used to interacting with other dogs and being handled by other people. Trainer Carie Grant helps owners teach basic commands such as "sit" and "stay."

Aurora, CO Dog Training Classes

Mile High Veterinary Hospital ( also offers dog obedience classes taught by Carie Grant. This class is for dogs 14 weeks and older, and takes place for six weeks on either Monday nights at 6pm or Wednesday nights at 7pm, after the Puppy Parties. The course covers a variety of more advanced commands, including recall exercises, mat training, and clicker training, all through positive reinforcement.

A former participant in one of Carie's training courses says, "We were in her puppy training class and our new 'graduate' is the best behaving pet we've EVER been 'parents' of. Carie is passionate about this — both pets and parents benefit from her positive feedback methods."


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