Internacional (Marketwired, 12 de Agosto de 2013) FileLocker Now Includes New Individual Device Management and Remote Device Wipe Features for More Reliable and Enforceable BYOD PoliciesInfrascale today announced new data loss prevention features for its FileLocker enterprise collaboration software. For no additional cost, the company has now added individual device management and remote device wipe functionality to its arsenal of FileLocker bring-your-own device (BYOD) policy enforcement features.

"IT managers want to protect data no matter where it is; whether it's on the device or inside FileLocker," said Ken Shaw, CEO, Infrascale. "Failing to authorize and secure file sharing creates an unknown quantity of existing file sharing activities, and therefore, an unknown potential for data loss. With FileLocker, we aim to solve this problem by delivering granular administrative device management functionality. Now, the administrator has the ability to manage each user account and device for greater risk management and BYOD enforceability."

According to IDC, by 2014 an estimated 90% of firms will support corporate applications on personal devices. As a result, mobile technology usage will demand employers' accommodation. FileLocker fills a large and expanding gap in comprehensive data loss prevention strategies by protecting data accessed or downloaded onto personal devices. Firms that unintentionally (or intentionally) allow employees to use their own devices for corporate file sharing or other activities are creating a great level of exposure to data loss. With FileLocker, administrators control this exposure.

FileLocker as a Data Loss Prevention Tool

The FileLocker administrator, within your organization, will have access to complete user-by-user and device management controls. The admin can easily require approval for FileLocker access on any new device. Likewise, the IT administrator can reject all device access for a specific user.

Administrators can elect to destroy relevant FileLocker data on a device with the "wipe device" feature. Once the administrator completes this action the user will no longer see folders nor files contained within the application and will be unable to access the FileLocker system from said device, which can include any medium used to access the FileLocker system including browsers, desktop applications and mobile applications.

The remote device wipe function for administrators will eliminate this danger in specific situations including:

Device theft
Employee turnover
Concerns over unauthorized access

FileLocker: Secure Private Cloud File Sharing

FileLocker brings secure file sharing and collaboration to enterprises hosting the storage themselves, on-premise or using the Infrascale cloud. Organizations can implement secure sync, password-protected collaboration, and mobile access for native Android, iOS and Windows Phone applications. Learn more today at

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