Internacional (Marketwired, 20 de Agosto de 2013) A homeowners' desire to protect what's priceless extends to the smallest, furriest members of the household. In recent years, more and more Americans are becoming pet owners — 164 million dogs and cats in 2010, up from 67 million in 1970, according to The Humane Society. And thanks to new technology from LiveWatch Security, protecting America's pets is much easier than it used to be.  Pet owners can keep their pets safe, and sneak a glimpse of their furry friends while they are at work, with these easy tips:

Install pet-immune motion detectors. The newest motion detectors will not detect pets that weigh less than 80 pounds, so Fluffy can roam free without setting off your house alarm.
Watch your pets from your phone or computer. Use cameras with remote control abilities, instead of one fixed view, so you can tilt the camera if Fido hides in a corner. Streaming video allows you to see your home and any occupants in real time instead of old systems that used DVRs or even recorded tapes.
Connect smoke detectors to your security system. Without connected sensors, a fire could trap your pets in your house when they're home alone. When the devices are integrated into a security system, the fire department can respond to save trapped pets.
Put sensors on doors to receive instant notifications if the dog goes into an off-limits room.
Receive severe weather alerts on your smartphone. If you know Buddy will chew through furniture when there's a thunderstorm, severe weather alerts can help you plan ahead.
Use a keypad with unique, assigned entry codes. Rather than a normal lock and key, these unique codes will allow you to see when the dog walker or pet sitter enters and exits. You don't have to give out copies of your home key and you can revoke access to that person at any time instead of changing your locks.
Change the temperature from your iPhone or Android with interactive thermostats so your pet always stays comfortable.
Monitor any extreme changes in your home with carbon monoxide, flood, heat and freeze detectors. Receive instant notifications via text and email from any of those sensors so you can respond quickly and keep your furry friend safe.

LiveWatch Security protects all family members, whether they speak, bark or meow.


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