Internacional (Marketwired, 29 de Agosto de 2013) GPS Launches New Product Offering to Increase Ease of Use, Efficiency and Integration for Multiple FX TransactionsGPS Capital Markets (, a leading corporate foreign exchange (FX) brokerage firm, announces the launch of a new solution, FXpert Batch. GPS Capital Markets is providing this new product offering to better facilitate foreign exchange (FX) transactions for clients. With FXpert Batch, clients can now group together multiple transactions involving the same currency pair into a single batch, which increases efficiency and saves time and effort.

"FXpert Batch is an exciting new product that eases the process of executing FX transactions for our clients," said Al Manbeian, Managing Partner at GPS Capital Markets. "We take special care to develop software solutions that simplify the FX process for our clients and allow them to maximize their time and resources."

FXpert Batch offers clients a way to ease the process of uploading and approving FX transactions. With this product, transactions are uploaded in batches and are assigned the same exchange rate to all like-paired transactions; however, a detailed review is still readily available for each individual transaction within a given bulk currency group. Multiple payment types and currencies can be transmitted in a single file making the process simple and efficient and the process of approving batched transactions makes many accounting processes easier for any company's treasury team. In addition, the FXpert Batch can directly integrate with a client's ERP or accounting system, further streamlining the process of uploading transactions.

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