Internacional (Marketwired, 15 de Agosto de 2013) cites in its newly published "Companion Biomarkers in Drug Development" report that the global companion biomarker market will catapult to $319 million by 2018. For more information, visit: biomarkers can be categorized into four main therapeutic areas: oncology, cardiovascular, neurology and autoimmune. Oncology is the largest segment, commanding 30% of the market. Market opportunities for companion biomarkers are focused in drug development targets, drug development efficacy and clinical end points. Using companion biomarkers, the $883 billion global pharmaceutical market yields safer and more efficacious drug products, reduces clinical trial and development costs, improves post-marketing safety profiles and salvages therapies that otherwise would not be granted approval.

The "Companion Biomarkers in Drug Development" report covers:

DNA Microarrays
Antibody Microarrays
Peptide Microarrays
Peptide MHC Microarrays
Tissue Microarrays
GeneChip Probe Array Technology
Multiple Reaction Monitoring Assays (MRMs)
C-KIT (CD117) Expression
CYP2C19 Variants
CYP2C9 Variants
CYP2D6 Variants
Kidney Toxicity

The "Companion Biomarkers in Drug Development" report examines companies manufacturing companion biomarker equipment and supplies in the world. Companies covered include: Abbott, Accelrys, Almac, Ananomouse, ArrayIt, AstraZeneca, Axontologic, BD, Bioalma, BioCat, BioData, Biodesix, BioForce Nanosciences, BioGenex, BioMérieux, Bio-Rad, Biotrin, BioWisdom, Caliper Life, Caprion Proteomics, Cepheid, Clontech, Corimbia, Covance, CyVera, Dako, DiagnoSwiss, DNAStar, Eli Lilly, ePitope Informatics, Eurogentec, Fujitsu, GEcare, Gene Network, Genedata, GeneStudio, Geneva Bioinformatics, GenomeQuest, Genomining, Genzyme, Geospiza, Golden Helix, Grace Bio-Labs, High Throughput, Imgenex, INCOGEN, InforSense, Ingenuity, Integromics, Ipsen, Koada Technology, KOOPrime, LINCO, Luminex, MDS, Meso Scale Discovery, MicroDiscovery, Millennium, MiraiBio, Molecular Connections, Monograms, Multimetrix, NetGenics, NextGen, Nonlinear Dynamics, Novartis, Osmetech, Oxonica, Panomics, Partek, Perlegen, PharmaSeq, Predictive Patterns, Proceryon, ProteinOne, Proteome, Radix BioSolutions, RayBiotech, Reel Two, Rescentris, Rosetta Biosoftware, SAS, Semantx Life, Softberry, SoftGenetics, Spotfire, SPSS, Sun Microsystems, SurroMed, Tepnel, Teranode, TG Services, Thermo Fisher, TimeLogic, Tyrian, ViaLogy, Wyeth, Zeus and Zyagen.

Detailed charts with sales forecasts and marketshare data are included. For more information, visit:

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