Internacional (Marketwired, 02 de Agosto de 2013) Frankel Photography, based in San Marcos, California, has announced they will roll out a big summer sale on all wedding and Bar Mitzvah packages, with 10% discounts being offered to customers now through September 15.Owner and lead photographer at Frankel Photography, Albert Frankel, has been in the photography business for over 30 years. Frankel says customer service and professionalism go hand-in-hand when capturing a family's special occasion in photographs. He hopes this summer sale will give them an opportunity to take advantage of his company's professional photo services.

"We are very pleased to be able to offer this discount on our top-quality photography services for the summer months," said Frankel. "We know that these events can be very costly for a family, so we'd like to make it a little easier for them use our professional photography services for their wedding or Bar Mitzvah."

As lead photographer at Frankel Photography, Al Frankel brings an extensive portfolio of knowledge and experience to every event he covers. His uncanny camera sense and ability to capture the moment is evident in the warmth and style of his work.

Heather Frankel is also a big part of the Frankel Photography team. She specializes in digital imaging processing and photo album design, offering customers a set of unique skills, which are essential in turning photographs into lasting and treasured memories.

Frankel also has knows that using the most advanced equipment and lighting is the only way to deliver the very best photographic images to his clients. Recently, the company began using state of the art LED lighting in addition to traditional lighting methods when working on a photo shoot.

"LED lighting gives us much greater ability to create images that are guaranteed to amaze," said Frankel.

About Frankel Photography: Frankel Photography is located in San Marcos, California, near the city of San Diego. With more than 27 years experience as professional photographers specializing in wedding photography, Bar and Bat Mitzvah photography, special event photography, pet photography and portrait photography, the company is well known for its high-quality work and commitment to craftsmanship.

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