Internacional (Marketwired, 23 de Agosto de 2013) FONU2, Inc. (OTCQB: FONU) (OTCBB: FONU) today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with SEO and Investor Relations guru Mark Kabbash.The FONU2 platform for social commerce is a revolutionary construct that integrates social networking, localized marketing and sales to create a seamless global marketplace accessible through a precise and aesthetically optimized web-site and mobile app. Users are able to create local listings for goods and services that they promote though individual marketing pages, allowing them to capitalize on their social networks. The FONU2 social commerce platform is fully synced with Facebook, accessible through computers as well as mobile devices running iOS or Android operating systems. The quality and safety of each transaction is ensured by secured trading through the Amazon (AWS) wallet via prepaid cards. This facilitates trading that is both safe and seamlessly melded into the social media experience of each client. In addition, a continuously evolving games section and gamification of services, communities and content portals increases the user engagement surrounding the platform and deepens the social aspect of the integrated user experience. FONU2 will give the almost 700 million strong daily user base of Facebook the ability to engage in social commerce with their friends, market to global audiences and pay and get paid through a prepaid card system manageable through the App that will reward and incentivize their transactions.

"FONU2 is thrilled to announce the addition of Mark Kabbash to spearhead our social commerce penetration and investor relations campaign," said Robert Lees, FONU2 CEO. "Given Mark's outstanding track record helping companies grow, I firmly believe that he will transform FONU2 into a globally recognized brand."

Mark Kabbash has an outstanding record directing the penetration and growth of companies through investor social networks, as well as a demonstrated socially driven approach to SEO Science that allows him to rocket company pages to the top of some of the most hotly contested search engine queries, dominating SERPs in industry related spaces and consistently beating major trade publications and government websites. Mark espouses a uniquely social approach to PR and brand penetration based off of an understanding of human tendencies and social sharing. Born in 1964, by age 22 Mark had hired his first employees, building a mini and mainframe computer database integration systems company that held contracts with NASA and IBM, among other notable corporations. He would go on to found an investor relations firm wherein he personally managed the PR and IR of each client company, serving as the direct liaison to the media and investment community. The company with the highest valued market cap approached $300 million. For over 20 years Mark managed the complete social and media presences of over 60 companies, gleaning invaluable experience in both media driven and interpersonal relationships management.

After acquiring the investor social network, Mark began to unravel the processes behind SEO and social commerce, using both insight and experimentation to concoct an extremely powerful formula for the organic branding of company web pages through digital sharing. Without investing a single penny into advertizing, he was able to forge it into one of the Internets most prominent hubs of the investment community. Mark is fresh from demonstrating his skills as Chief Marketing Officer of a private Small Business Funding company, where he was able to drop the ranking of their website to under 27,000 in the United States in the space of a few months. "What I was able to achieve for the last company I worked with will pale in comparison to what I am about to do with the branding of the FONU2 platform," Mark states. "I fully believe in the mission of this company and the revolutionary nature of their seamless approach to social commerce. Companies like Zynga, Facebook (FB and Google have done well because of their people-centric approach. I firmly believe that companies which are able to understand peer to peer interactions and facilitate them will have a natural advantage, and I see massive potential in FONU2. Under my guidance, I will transform the awareness of this company within the investment community into a buzzword. I intend to utilize all the tricks I have developed during my career to drive this project forward with the most ambitious goals that I can set for myself." The involvement of such a decorated veteran of the IR and SEO world will galvanize the rate with which FONU2 will be exposed to a bevy of interested parties. Mark's vision for the branding of FONU2 will utilize sharing to exponentially increase investor and public awareness of the platform on networks like Google+ that have massive social ripple effects as well as SEO benefits. The creation of a social commerce platform that can instantly and seamlessly be fused with a highly engaged and established user base is an overdue development in the way transactions take place on the Internet today. The integration of the Facebook user experience, the FONU2 App and the seamless payment structure enabled by the FONU2 card is sure to disrupt the social commerce market by degrees of magnitude over predecessor technologies and garner huge interest as Mark Kabbash works to turn FONU2 into a globally pervasive brand name.

About FONU2 Inc:
FONU2 is a social commerce company that provides a precision mobile sales and marketing platform that functions like an order reservations and booking system. Members via their mobile phones and computers list, buy, sell, trade services and items locally in any neighborhood anywhere in the world; and are paid with the FONU2 end-to-end mobile phone payment card system. Visit

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