Internacional (Marketwired, 27 de Agosto de 2013) The Canadian Union of Public Employees is celebrating the important contributions working people make to the economy and communities across Canada by participating in two important events: Labour Day and the Unifor founding convention. WHAT: CUPE members from all over Canada are participating in Labour Day activities in their communities. CUPE national officers Paul Moist (National President) and Charles Fleury (National Secretary-Treasurer) are available for comment in English and French on the future of the labour movement.

WHY: In every corner of our country, CUPE members deliver the public services we all count on. They are the backbone of our health care, municipal, and social services, and a vital part of our schools, colleges and universities. Whether it's providing senior care or child care, CUPE members make our communities work; safeguarding our water, delivering power when needed and keeping passengers safe aboard airplanes. As unionized workers in the public sector, their improved wages and benefits help drive the economy. As members of a social union, CUPE members pave the way for improvements in labour standards, health and safety and quality public services for all. The Labour Day weekend offers an opportunity to celebrate their work, and the strength of the labour movement.

WHERE: Moist will be attending the Winnipeg Labour Day Picnic at Vimy Ridge Park, 821 Preston Avenue, from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm on September 2, 2013. Both officers will be in attendance at the Unifor founding convention from August 31-September 1st in Toronto.

QUOTE: "This Labour Day, we will be showing the strength of the labour movement by participating at events in large numbers and celebrating the founding of a new union. It will be a weekend to underscore the important role unions play in building and maintain the social fabric of Canada. Unions like CUPE get results that benefit all Canadians – like decent wages and safer workplaces. These gains help the local economy and our communities," said Paul Moist.


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Tria Donaldson

Senior communications officer
Canadian Union of Public Employees