Internacional (Marketwired, 08 de Agosto de 2013) Restaurants across the United States have a greater rate of failure when compared to any other small business. The primary reason for this in the overwhelming number of cases studied by experts is a lack of restaurant funding. Simply put, without adequate cash flow, no matter how good the food or the atmosphere may be, a business is doomed to failure. Fortunately, one company is doing their part to change the status quo by offering low cost, affordable restaurant business loans to both startups and established businesses alike. The professionals at are experts in restaurant credit and capital, and want to do their small part to ensure that good places to eat remain open all across America.There are many benefits of using this unique financial service for the cash-strapped business manager.  For one, it allows for them to have easy, nearly instant access to the restaurant funding they need in order to stay above water. Having to rely on funding from family members or waiting for banks to make decisions about your financial future simply isn't an option. Instead, you need the reliability that only a trusted name like can offer. The restaurant business loans provided by them are affordable with straightforward, flexible payment agreements that nearly any business can afford.

Regardless of whether you're a business owner just opening the doors or an established manager who is in dire need of a cash infusion, the service provided by this company will give you the restaurant business credit you desire in order to pay creditors and other parties. With banking institutions more stingy now than ever before, businesses that frequently buy and turnover stock such as restaurants are subject to cash flow problems which can be devastating. You don't have to see your business dream shuttered. The friendly staff at have been helping existing businesses through rough patches and minor setbacks for years now and can do the same for your business too.

Restaurant business credit is difficult to come by, because such businesses are often judged by loan officers at banks to have limited potential and profitability. The experts at, however, aren't there to judge experienced managers who know better than anyone else how to run a profitable operation. Instead, they realize that even the best of restaurants face short-term, unavoidable cash flow problems that may be the result of equipment failures, lack of credit from traditional financial institutions, or even from the cost of necessary upgrades in order to stay compliant or competitive. The bottom line is that where others see restaurants as a liability, sees opportunity and is willing to invest the necessary capital to keep your business alive and functioning. is a WG Financing company.


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