Internacional (Marketwired, 13 de Agosto de 2013) CloudReplica Improves Their Service With New Technological Flexibility and Stability Using Infrastructure Hosted at Katy Texas' StratITsphereCloudReplica®, the leading provider of Business Continuity as-a-Service, announced a partnership with StratITsphere, one of the leading Data Center facilities in the Houston metro area. This new location will give CloudReplica customers the benefit of local performance, flexibility, and more robust solutions with StratITphere's 100% uptime Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

"We really wanted to provide CloudReplica customers with a solution that reduced network latency and enhanced security. StratITsphere is a great partner. They showed us their infrastructure, shared their vision and that vision lined up with ours," says Jo Stergiou, Vice President of Services at CloudReplica. "Having an infrastructure that is under our control allows us to provide better recovery times and easier networking options for our customers."

"StratITsphere designed the data center for companies just like CloudReplica. We focus on 100% uptime and allow partners the flexibility to deploy what is best for their customers. It is an excellent model for everyone involved — the customers, CloudReplica, and StratITsphere," said Dennis Chatagnier, Vice President of Sales.

CloudReplica will still offer their business continuity services at remote data centers for customers that have special requirements. "Some of our customers require that their data reside in a different FEMA zone for example, and we can still provide that option but the StratITsphere option is a better technological option overall. StratITsphere provides additional flexibility for our customers." said Stergiou.

CloudReplica's Business Continuity Service enables a vastly superior solution for server and application recovery. If the customer's building or on-site server becomes unavailable, the CloudReplica service switches control to the customer's server, applications, and data at the remote site. CloudReplica creates all the necessary networking setup for customer's to reroute their business processes remotely insuring that the customer experiences minimal downtime and zero data loss.

About StratITsphere Data Center Solutions, LLC
StratITsphere is a full-service data center solutions provider focused on highly available infrastructure and data security for businesses across the world. Their Katy facility is qualified as an SSAE-16 Type II building, meaning it has been proven to be operationally effective in security, design and controls by an independent third-party auditor.

About CloudReplica
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, CloudReplica leverages the industry's most proven technologies and offers them as a simple and affordable business continuity service. Based on a pay-per-service model, CloudReplica finally brings industrial strength, enterprise class features and functionality to protect the backbone of America's mid-sized businesses.


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