Internacional (Marketwired, 08 de Agosto de 2013) The Canadian International Trade Tribunal today initiated an interim review of its order made on December 7, 2012, in Expiry Review No. RR-2011-002, concerning bicycles, assembled or unassembled, with wheel diameters of 16 inches (40.64 cm) and greater, originating in or exported from Chinese Taipei and the People's Republic of China, excluding bicycles with an FOB Chinese Taipei or the People's Republic of China selling price exceeding CAN$225 and excluding bicycles with foldable frames and stems. The purpose of this interim review is to determine if the order should be rescinded on the basis that there is no longer any domestic production of bicycles. The Tribunal will issue its order in due course.

The Tribunal is an independent quasi-judicial body that reports to Parliament through the Minister of Finance. It hears cases on dumped and subsidized imports, safeguard complaints, complaints about federal government procurement and appeals of customs and excise tax rulings. When requested by the federal government, the Tribunal also provides advice on other economic, trade and tariff matters.


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