Internacional (Marketwired, 06 de Agosto de 2013) BidSync's Cloud-Based Contracting Solution to Be Integrated With Seal Software's Contract Discovery Solution Through a Single InterfaceBidSync (, the leading provider of cloud-based, end-to-end procurement solutions for the public sector, today announced a new partnership with Seal Software (, an international provider of solutions to discover, capture, extract and manage contracts.

The partnership will enable users of BidSync's unique online Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution, BidSync Contract™, to attain full contract visibility by employing the unique contract discovery capabilities of Seal Software, all through one interface.

"BidSync's deep domain experience in contracting solutions for today's public agencies combined with Seal's unique capabilities in automated contract discovery and extraction will allow public procurement professionals to have all their contracts, including full metadata visibility, available to ensure stakeholder collaboration and regulatory compliance," said Dan Daehler, Seal Software's vice president of Global Services and Channels.

Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics is the only automated contract discovery solution that identifies which documents are contractual, extracting a core set of key contract metadata as well as creating fully text-searchable versions of contract image files. The contract documents, fully searchable PDFs and metadata can then easily be uploaded to BidSync Contract™, which accelerates contract execution, improves stakeholder collaboration and strengthens regulatory compliance for government agencies.

"Government entities across the country are seeking more efficiency, flexibility and accuracy in the creation and management of their contracts," said Sabrina Stover, CEO of BidSync. "The core competency of Seal Software is contract discovery, which seamlessly integrates with and is a natural extension of our BidSync solution."

BidSync's SaaS solutions are designed and built to meet the increasing procurement demands of public agencies by ensuring increased efficiency through automating, consolidating and centralizing procurement processes. For more information about BidSync and its end-to-end suite of e-procurement solutions, visit

About BidSync
BidSync is the industry leader in developing cloud-based, end-to-end procurement and bid notification solutions for the public sector. More than 1,000 government agencies nationwide employ BidSync's e-procurement solutions to reduce their costs and improve their efficiencies to meet increasing procurement demands. Providing the largest government bid notification system in North America, BidSync enables its database of more than 700,000 suppliers and vendors to identify, respond to and potentially win more bid opportunities. BidSync was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in American Fork, Utah. To learn more about BidSync, visit

About Seal Software
Seal Contract Discovery addresses compelling pain points within all enterprises: how to find contracts, extract clauses, render them for easy review, and populate corporate repositories — CRM, CLM, ERP, SRM — with contract data. Seal Contract Discovery is installed in minutes and, without expensive configuration, automatically discovers existing contractual documents from a wide range of document and image file types. It also automatically extracts key clause metadata and provides an easy format for further review, as well as a platform for on-going management of contracts, with a fully searchable repository and obligation management tools. Critically, it allows easy migration of contracts and metadata to the full range of enterprise platforms. For further information, visit the Seal Software website: